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March 24, 2011

Reading (tgs Bhs.Inggris Bisnis 2-softskill

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Nama    : Amalin Sholicha

NPM      : 20207093

Kelas     : 3EB06 (Asal 4EB06)

Tugas    : Bhs.Inggris Bisnis 2 softskill

Cerro pierto, twenty miles south of the united states border, is a large geothermal energy held likely to produce 1.000 megawatts annually by the early 1990’s. This will be well above its initial 1973 capacity of 75 megawatts added two years later to bring it up to its present capacity. However, in addition to the promary purpose to producing electricity, scientists of cerro proeto have developed saveral other uses for the geothermal heat and fluid, including some in aquaculture and hidroponies. In relation to the former , cryfish are raised in water kept at about 850 F. They feed on the minute crustaceans and algaeoccering naturally in the along with small local crayfish that absorb salts harmful to the commercial variety. This variety metabolism is speeded up by the controlled environment, which reduces growing time. The salt-rich geothermal fluid also  produces striking results though the use of hydroponics, with yields of crops such as tomatoes and cucumber as much as 300 percent higher than in normal soil. Meanwhile. A ten-meter-long enclosed shed produces half a ton of barley grass per day, the grass reaching a height of five inches in only seven days from seed.

1. Cierro pierto is …

a)      In the south of the United States

b)      Not very large

c)       In a field

d)      Not in the United States

Jawaban              : D

2. What was the generating capacity of the Cerro Pierto field in 1980 …

a)      75 megawatts

b)      105 megawatts

c)       150 megawatts

d)      180 megawatts

Jawaban              : C

3. By how much was the field’s capacity expected to expand between the time of writing and the early 1990’s?

a)      820 megawatts

b)      700 megawatts

c)       250 megawatts

d)      100 megawatts

Jawaban              : A

4. The passages implies that …

a)      The field’s  generating capacity doubles every six years

b)      The fields oraginally began producing in 1973

c)       Engineers had to look further afield to find another 30 megawatts

d)      The last addition to capacity was two years behind schedhule

Jawaban              : B

5. According to the passage. Which of the following is true?

a)      The scientists have designed special food for the cryfish

b)      Scientists a Cerro Pierto are more interested in hydroponic than in generating electricity

c)       Commercial cryfish react  badly to salts in the geothermal fluid

d)      Cryfish feed on special types of bacteria

Jawabam             : C

6. It can be inferred from the passage that …

a)      The local cryfish and the “commercial” cryfish livein differnt natural environtments

b)      “commercial” cryfish have reduced growth in a controlled environment

c)       “commercial” cryfish raise the water temperature to 850F

d)      The bacteria alluded to accu naturally in the geothermal fluid

Jawaban              : A

7. Scientists control the commercial crayfish’s environment in order to…

a)      Produce special bacteria

b)      Reduce their growth

c)       Shorten their growth time

d)      Produce smaller, local cryfish

Jawaban              : C

8. The passage says that, compared with what is normal, the use of hydroponics at Cerro Pierto produces…

a)      More tomatoes and cucumbers

b)      Higher tomatoes and cucumbers

c)       Larges tomatoes and cucumbers

d)      Comparable tomatoes and cucumbers

Jawaban              : A

9. The barley grass mentioned in the passage …

a)      Grows up to ten meters high

b)      Has half a ton of bactery mixed with it

c)       Grows about ¾ inch per day

d)      Is grown in fenced-off field

Jawaban              : C

10. What is the best the best title for the passage?

a)      Cerro pierto: Increased generating capacity for the nineties

b)      Goethermal energy’s surprising bonuses

c)       The hydroponics revolution

d)      Geothermal energy: elecricity from the earth

Jawaban              : B


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