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March 15, 2011

softskill bhs inggris 2

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Nama         : Amalin Sholecha

NPM           : 20207093

Kelas         : 3eb06 ( kelas asal 4EB06)

Tugas softskill Bhs.Inggris 2

Part 1.

1.    The committe has met twice and…

a.    They reached a final decision.

b.    A final decision was reached.

c.    Its decision was reached.

d.    Its has reached a final decision.

Jawaban       : D

2.    The manager won’t be able to attend the shareholders’ meeting tomorrow because…

a.    He must to give a lecture.

b.    He will be giving a lecture.

c.     Of he will give a lecture.

d.    He will have giving a lecture.

Jawaban       : B

3.    Brenda’s score on the test is the highest in the class…

a.    She should study hard last night.

b.    She should have studied hard last night.

c.    She must have studied hard last night.

d.    She had to study hard last night.

Jawaban       : C

4.    Mother wanted to serve some coffe to my guests however…

a.    She hadn’t many coffee.

b.    There is not a great amount of coffee.

c.    She didn’t have any coffee.

d.    She was out of coffees.

Jawaban       : C

5.    Having been served lunch…

a.    The problems were discussed by the participants.

b.    The participants discussed the problems.

c.    It was discussed by the participants.

d.    A discussion of the problems were made by the participants.

Jawaban       : B

6.    East Kalimantan relies heavily on income oil and natural gas, and…

a.    Aceh province also.

b.    Aceh province too.

c.    Aceh province is as well.

d.    So does Aceh province.

Jawaban       : D

7.    The participants have had some problems deciding…

a.    When they should announce the result of the meeting.

b.    When are they going to announce the result of the meeting.

c.    When should they announce the result of the meeting.

d.    The time when the result of the meeting to announce.

Jawaban       : A

8.    This year will be more difficult for our organization because…

a.    We have less money and volunteers than last year.

b.    There is a little money and less volunteers than last year.

c.    It has less money and fewer volunteers than it had last year.

d.    It has fewer money and less volunteers than it had last year.

Jawab            : C

9.    Professor Baker told his students that…

a.    They can turn over their reports on Mondays.

b.    The reports can turn over on Monday.

c.    They could hand in their reports on Monday.

d.    The reports they can hand in on Monday.

Jawaban       : C

10. The adder is a venomous snake… bite may prove fatal of humans.

a.    Its.

b.    Whom its.

c.    That.

d.    Whose.

Jawaban       : D

Part 2

1.    If you buy one box at the regular price, you would receive another one at no

A                                 B                                 C                        D

extra cost.

Jawaban       : A (seharusnya bought)

2.    Located in the cranial cavity in the skull, the brain is the larger mass of nerve

A                                                                                B                           C

tissue in the human body.


Jawaban       : B (seharusnya the largest)

3.    Profesor Duncan recommended  that we are present at the reception this

A                               B

afternoon in order to meet the representatives from the Ford Foundation.

C                                 D

Jawaban       : A (seharusnya be)

4.    There have been little change in the patient’s condition since she was moved to

A                     B                                      C

the intensive care unit.


Jawaban       : A (seharusnya there has been)

5.    As a new employee, your duties are mailing the correspondence, receive phone

A                                                                        B

calls, and calling the members before meeting.

C                           D

Jawaban       : B (seharusnya receiving)

6.    Passengers are able to clearly see the outline of the whole isolated island from

A                                    B                  C                                             D

the airplane.

Jawaban       : B (seharusnya passengers are able to see the outline of the whole isolated island from the airplane.)

7. Like others from of energy, natural gass may be used to heat homes, run

A                                             B                     C

automobiles, and cook food.


Jawaban       : A (seharusnya other)

8.    Neither of the two candidates who had applied for the industrial Engineering

A                                                         B

Department were aligible for the scholarship.

C                                   D

Jawaban       : C (seharusnya was)

9.    Having chose the topic for their essays, the students were instructed to make

A                                        B                                                  C

either a preliminary outline or a rough draff.


Jawaban       : A (seharusnya chosen)

10. If he would have lived a little longer, he probably would have won the presidential

A                             B                       C                               D


Jawaban       : A (seharusnya would had)

11. Despite the increase in airfares in Indonesia during the monetary crisis, most

A                                        B                                               C

people still prefer travel by air.


Jawaban       : D (seharusnya to travel)

12. This tea pot  has the same design, but it is different shaped from that one.

A                                             B         C                     D

Jawaban       : B (seharusnya differently)

13. Voslov Nijinsky achieved world recognition as both dancer and a choreographer.

A                     B                     C         D

Jawaban       : D (seharusnya a dancer)

14. After the runner had run for a halfmile, he had passed the stick to the next

A                     B                     C                                      D


Jawaban       : C (seharusnya he passed)

15. The prices of cars are as high that most people can not afford to buy them.

A                        B                              C                     D

Jawaban       : B (seharusnya so)


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